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How Businesses Can Fight Friendly Fraud


Friendly fraud saw an increase when eCommerce became the most popular form of shopping. This current shopping trend gives ...

How Businesses Can Fight Friendly Fraud2022-06-27T15:57:52-05:00
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What is EMV Fraud?


EMV technology was made to reduce fraud for all businesses. As effective as EMV is, account compromise still happens.  ...

What is EMV Fraud?2022-06-25T22:52:48-05:00
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What is the Terminated Merchant File?


The Terminated Merchant File (TMF) is a list of business owners with flagged merchant accounts. It is also known ...

What is the Terminated Merchant File?2022-06-14T16:32:08-05:00
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Do Free Trials Affect Your Chargeback Rate?


Free trials give potential customers a chance to try out a service before committing to a subscription.  Offering free ...

Do Free Trials Affect Your Chargeback Rate?2022-06-09T17:33:15-05:00
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Are Biometric Payments Secure?


Payment authentication is crucial in preventing fraud. Chip cards, touch ID, and face ID are results of an evolving ...

Are Biometric Payments Secure?2022-06-01T15:28:11-05:00
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How Do Banks Investigate Disputes?


Disputes against merchants don’t only involve the filing customer and merchant. The customer’s bank and associated credit card providers ...

How Do Banks Investigate Disputes?2022-05-30T18:54:35-05:00