In 2014, we took our 50+ years of combined experience and set out on a different path – one that would lead to better processing, lasting relationships and success for our merchants. The path we laid out wasn’t going to be measured by the numbers or by what our merchants could do for us, but by what we were able to do for them: to help their business grow and succeed. We were able to achieve this because we see our merchants as people, first.

We get to know their business, the customers they serve and understand what each individual merchant needs in order to achieve their goals. At Revitpay, we believe in growing together with our merchants while at the same time guiding them along the way. Because every merchant needs a guide, and the path we set out for in 2014 wasn’t just for us, it’s for you and the future of payment processing.

our values our values

  • We Value Your Account.
  • We Value Your Customers.
  • We Value Your Business.


We’re so thankful to have the experiences we’ve had with our customers. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a business grow and succeed based on our guidance and care. We hope to see you here one day.



Instead of having multiple companies facilitate your processing, Revitpay serves your all-in-one processing needs. We’ll get you the merchant account, we’ll help you set it up in our gateway and we’ll monitor your processing — not just to protect you against fraud — but for opportunities to help you grow.

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Our dedicated support team is here to take care of you. Give us a call at (888) 557-0999 or email us at sales@revitpay.com.