Fulfillment Integration for Large and Small Businesses

The days of checking orders every few minutes, and packaging them up yourself are gone! The use of fulfillment warehouses has proven to be cost effective and a great way to save money by getting the best commercial shipping rates, predictable and reliable shipping, and keeping your inhouse costs and storage lower as all the products are housed at the fulfillers.

One of our go to for fulfilment is Konnektive due to their reliability and vast database of fulfillers that can work together to offer the highest savings and reliable logistics.

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Fulfilment Service Providers & Services

How Fulfillment Services Work

The seller sends out and stores their products with the fulfiller. The fulfiller takes care of packaging the products into shipping boxes and properly labeling them with your company name, and address for the return. There is a base price per shipped package with small additional fees for every additional item within a package.

All that you as the seller have to do is send the order to the CRM, and the rules within the fulfillment CRM such as Konnektive will take care of the best way to handle shipping out the products. This can include logic such as picking the warehouses closest to the recipient, sending products from multiple warehouses incase a product is out of stock in another, and the shipping carrier that customer chose at checkout.

Challenges of Working with a Fulfillment Service

Fulfillment services take care of a large aspect in your business, there are just a few small things that customers needs to be aware of.

Shipping a large quantity of products to a warehouse can be a huge undertaking. Shipping several pallets require you to organize everything with a shipping company and adds to the cost of goods sold.

Another challenge is that there are storage fees, although they negligible, it should be mentioned so it’s not an unexpected cost.

While fulfilment services ship out the products, they are not in control of shipping provider timelines. If a provider such as USPS or Fedex has a delay after a product was shipped, the fulfillment service is not liable for the delay. Customers needs to be educated that once a product leaves your/fulfillment’s warehouse, you are no longer in control of the timeline.

Fulfillment warehouses do receive more attention from shipping companies due to their large daily order volumes, and are more likely to successfully send out a product without delays.

Revitpay has had great success with Konnektive. It is important to evaluate the reliability of fulfillment services and their reputation of handling tough situations when they occur. Plan with the provider and explain your concerns, they should have answers to your questions as it’s likely something hundreds of other customers have faced already before you.

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