Online gaming and gambling may be one of the most challenging industries for businesses to process payments for. The selection of processors and banks is small, but there are experienced and understanding ones. Our Revitpay team has helped businesses obtain high risk merchant accounts, including online gambling merchants. Our tools, knowledge, and banking connections make us the prime choice for a high risk payment processor. We will walk you through our solutions for problems that online gaming merchants face. 

 Though previously entirely illegal, the federal government’s loosened hold on restricted online gambling has opened up opportunities for gambling merchants. At the same time, the states were left on their own to determine whether the gambling pass should apply to their citizens. 

Products or services that are or have been illegal to use always have a reason for their unlawful status. Gambling can be addictive with many users unable to control themselves to stop. On a larger scale, gambling websites have become a hot spot for fraud and crimes, more so than the majority of e-commerce industries. For these reasons, well-intentioned gambling businesses looking to service players online have difficulty navigating regulations, finding willing credit card processors, and opening merchant accounts. 

What are Online Gambling or Gaming Websites?

Online gambling and gaming websites are any virtual platforms that allow users to transmit bets or wagers. 

  • Online sports betting 
  • Virtual casinos 
  • Online poker

Why Your Online Gaming or Gambling Business is High Risk 

Not Entirely Legal Yet 

The federal government gives states the freedom to regulate gambling legalization within their borders, which makes online gambling in the U.S. both legal and illegal, depending on location. Much like the CBD industry, different areas may have regulations that vary greatly from the state next to them. This leaves both users and gambling merchants confused about where and how virtual gambling can be conducted. 

Any industry that’s had a history of tug-and-pull over its legality most likely has a reputation risk, which in turn makes financial institutions and payment processors wary of working with businesses. Virtual gambling state laws continuously fluctuate throughout the country, making any stance inconsistent and unpredictable, at the mercy of each state government. There are 25 states with some sort of legalized online gambling while others are still pending the launch of legalization. 

Revitpay’s Solution 

Revitpay has numerous domestic and international banking relationships that specialize in virtual gambling. We are confident in our ability to bring merchants’ e-commerce websites up to par with card brand compliance. With our 50+ years of combined experience and knowledge of the online gambling industry, we monitor and keep our merchants up-to-date on what will keep their websites in line with regulations. 

Friendly Fraud 

Online gambling has two enticing products: the thrill of pulling the lever and money. The amount of money that can be spent on gambling can be large, and losing players have the ability to gain back the money they’ve wagered by filing a dispute. This is otherwise known as a type of friendly fraud. 

Friendly fraud refers to chargeback claimants denying transactions they’ve legitimately made and then benefiting from the dispute. Usually, the merchant gives a refund which customers will have in addition to the product or service they’ve paid for. 

Revitpay’s Solution 

We partner with payment gateways that utilize tools such as 3D Secure and Interchange Optimization to collect as much information as possible from each customer. Having customers’ information on hand is a security measure against any type of fraud. When possible, you may be able to confirm that a transaction did or did not come from the cardholder.

Additionally, you can enable Chargeback Alerts on your merchant account. These notifications will immediately let you know that a dispute is being processed so that you have some time to resolve it before it becomes a chargeback against your account. Our team also monitors clients’ merchant accounts for any suspicious activity. 

Reputation Risk

There are more risk factors to the virtual gambling industry than just friendly fraud and capricious laws. Untrustworthy bank processors, money laundering, terrorist financing, and a high volume turnover are some other major considerations when banks evaluate a virtual gambling industry. 

Compliance and security are high-maintenance, but even more difficult is finding trustworthy bank processors that will host merchant accounts for online gambling businesses. Understandably, most financial institutions stay clear of doing business with virtual gaming companies. This leaves merchants to seek lower-rated banks willing to take them in, but lacking in stability and frequently shutting down, causing them to lose their accounts. 

Revitpay’s Solution 

Having been in the high risk processing business for years, Revitpay has garnered strong relationships with reputable international merchant banking partners that diligently host our online gambling and gaming merchants with great care. You can trust that we work with partners with great testimonies and work ethic. 


There’s no need to be deterred by the many barriers to a successful online gambling business. You can overcome any hindrance to obtaining a virtual gambling merchant account with our expertise, experience, and tools. We keep our solutions up to date as industries, such as online gambling, change and grow. 

Ready to take your online gambling and gaming business to the next level? Contact us today, and we’ll show you how.