Gateway: If your business has a website that you’d like to use in order to accept payments for products/services, then you can use our gateway to do so. In most cases, B2B have CRMs to manage their sales and customers — our gateways are integrated with QuickBooks and some of the most popular CRMs available. This will streamline the process of taking payments and put your bookkeeping in lockstep with your gateway sales – making reconciliation a breeze. You may even be eligible for 0 transaction fees.

Virtual Terminal: VT is great for taking over-the-phone payments. If you’re speaking to one of your customers and they want to process a credit card, you can easily do so by inputting the customer’s card information through our virtual terminal.

Point-Of-Sale Terminal: Point-of-sale terminals allow your salespeople to take credit cards in person.


  • Credit Card Processing
  • ACH/eCheck Processing
  • Fraud Prevention

our-storyAdditional Guidance

We understand that B2B companies tend to have high-ticket values for their sales. This means the average amount of each transaction is significantly higher than a retail business. From the banks’ perspective, there is a sizeable inherent risk to these kinds of transactions. We are well versed in these types of high-ticket transactions and have the banking relationships to facilitate them.

Some B2Bs have recurring membership products.  For these merchants, our gateway can facilitate monthly, quarterly and annual renewal products that automatically bill the customer when needed. 

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