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Revitpay will put you in the best possible position to receive fast approval. Our in-house technology streamlines the bank submission process and makes it quick, easy, and hassle-free. We also provide continuous monitoring of your processing transactions to mitigate chargebacks and help you establish a successful chargeback reduction strategy. Keeping your business compliant with bank regulations and continuing to assist customers. 

our-storyProducts Used

Gateway: In addition to our in-house gateway, we have partnered with NMI. Between these gateways, we’re able to support every major shopping cart and CRM platforms. According to your merchant needs, we can outfit you with the appropriate gateway. 

our-storyServices Used

Credit Card Processing: We have strong relationships with many dependable banks to find you a reasonably priced merchant account.

ACH/eCheck Processing: ACH is a great secondary payment product. Our ACH verification tool verifies whether a customer has input the correct bank information into the payment page and if they have the necessary funds in their account. All of this is done before the payment is accepted and processed.  

Fraud Prevention: You will have a single point of contact with our experienced staff to build a successful chargeback mitigation strategy.  We use alerts to reduce your chargeback ratio at 1% or even lower so you can focus on what is important — your business.

Integration Support: Not only do we set up your website with the payment gateway, but our support staff makes integration hassle-free and provides regular maintenance for each solution.  

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Our dedicated support team is here to take care of you.  Give us a call at (888) 557-0999 or email us at sales@revitpay.com.

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