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We offer the most efficient ways to improve the guest experience. Our multiple point-of-sale terminals and remote card reader options allow guests to check in faster and avoid lines through contactless payment solutions such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

We also provide the tools for a successful delivery program that allows you to accept secure card present transactions while making deliveries to customers. By providing wireless terminals that connect to smart devices or utilizing wireless terminals, you get lower costs and more secure transactions. The card chipped present transaction is safer than taking the number over the phone and helps in securing your customers data and additionally provides more transparency with your guest.

Our strategy for the food service industry is simple, direct and effective: undercut your current processing rates to save you money and to upgrade any POS terminals to make life easier for you and your customer’s. Because we believe that a greater experience out the door creates more traffic in the door. 

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Point-Of-Sale Terminal: We have an array of touchless POS terminals the merchant can select from. Many of them have the ability to integrate with your order system.

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Credit Card Processing

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