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Gateway: In addition to our gateway, we have partnered up with other gateways: Namely, NMI, and Authorize.net.  Between the three gateways, we’re able to support every major shopping cart and CRM out there. Based on the merchant’s needs we can outfit them with the appropriate gateway.

Virtual Terminal: VT is great for taking over-the-phone payments. If a merchant is talking to one of their customers and wants to process a credit card, they can input the customer’s card information through our gateway’s virtual terminal to do so.

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In regard to high risk merchants, we accept both startups and established businesses.  

For businesses that accept memberships or recurring payments, we have a ton of experience. On top of this, we have a chargeback alerts solution to mitigate their chargebacks and a fraud detection algorithm to combat any potential fraud. Simply put, we manage your risk from different angles to keep your merchant account processing longer.

For merchandise businesses, we’re able to help you integrate with a gateway that best fits your business model and operational needs. For example, if you want to have your gateway integrate with a desktop version of QuickBooks, we would recommend setting you up on the NMI gateway as they already have a built in QuickBooks integration. You can keep track of your sales, inventory and payments.  

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Credit Card Processing: Just because your business is classified as high risk doesn’t mean you need to pay high costs for a merchant account.

ACH/eCheck Processing: ACH is a great secondary payment product. Our ACH verification tool verifies whether a customer has inputted the correct bank information into the payment page and if they have the necessary funds in their account. All of this is done before the payment is accepted and processed.   

Fraud Prevention: If you as the merchant have a revenue share program, we can help you monitor any partner related fraud. Also, we could use chargeback alerts to reduce your chargeback ratio at 1% or even lower.

Integration Support: We set it up and we monitor your processing data for you. For example, if there are any issues with credit card batches settling or if the merchant’s chargebacks are growing to a dangerous level, our technical and risk management team can keep an eye on their processing to get ahead of any potential problems that can disrupt it. 

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