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We offer the most efficient ways to improve the guest experience. Our multiple point-of-sale terminals and remote card reader options allow guests to check in faster and avoid lines through contactless payment solutions such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

With the use of remote readers, guests will no longer have to wait to pay their check, plus with the new tabletop point-of-sale terminals, you put the guest in better control of their time and when they want to pay their bill.

Staying informed with the latest payment technologies allows us to provide cutting edge solutions for the long term for our merchants which allows them to focus on their core business while putting their fears of not being on the cutting edge to rest.

services usedservices used

  • Credit Card Processing
  • ACH/eCheck Processing  
  • Fraud Prevention

Products UsedProducts Used

Gateway: Many hospitality and travel merchants are now using hosted payment pages to accept payments and bookings from their websites.

Virtual Terminal: VT is great for taking over-the-phone payments.
If a merchant is talking to one of their customers and wants to process a credit card, they can input the customer’s card information through our gateway’s virtual terminal to do so.

Point-Of-Sale Terminal: We have an array of touchless POS terminals the merchant can select.  Many are compatible with hospitality systems. We also offer portable terminals to reduce congestion at checkout.

Additional GuidanceAdditional Guidance

Most hospitality and travel merchants have high transaction amounts that can be between a few hundred to thousands of dollars. A lot of the time, the customer doesn’t receive the service until a future date. From the bank’s perspective, high ticket transactions and future dated services are very risky; mainly because if a customer charges back a transaction; the merchant could lose a good sum of money; especially, if they have a high number of chargebacks.  We understand this and have an assortment of banks that are willing to accept the risk to provide a stable merchant account.

Hotels: We save you money on credit card processing.  And for smaller hotels and bed & breakfasts, we provide our gateway processing to process bookings on your website.

Travel Merchants: We provide the merchant account for both credit card and ACH processing. In addition, we process their gateway transactions and monitor their potential fraud. 

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