Chargeback AlertsChargeback Alerts

The chargeback alert system is an early warning notification that lets the merchant know a couple days before a customer’s chargeback dispute settles. This allows the merchant to refund the transaction before the banking system officially logs in the chargeback. Now, instead of waiting for the banking system to log in a chargeback, you can begin taking preventive measures to remedy the situation. This keeps your chargeback ratios down, and in many cases under 1%.

PCI CompliancePCI Compliance

Most small businesses don’t have an experienced developer and PCI compliance technician on staff. With that said, if you try to develop your own hosted purchase pages and securely store your customers’ card data on your own, you may not comply with the latest PCI (Payment Card Industry) regulations. Why go through all the trouble? We have another solution. By using our hosted purchase pages and gateway, you’ll always have the highest-level of PCI audited tools at your disposal. In short: We take on the responsibility of maintaining and securing our payment products – so you can get back to focusing on your business.

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