Payment Processing for Vape & E-Cigarette Merchants

Keep your focus on growing your vape and e-cig business while RevitPay handles everything else. Our high risk merchant accounts provide ease in payment processing and more. We support eCommerce and retail merchants with personalized options and technology.

Optimize your business with:

  • Interchange Optimization
  • PCI & Website Compliance
  • Multiple Payment Accounts
  • Compatible Banks
  • Easy Approval Process
  • And More…
Vape & E-cig stores

Types of Vape & E-Cigarette Products

Vape and E-Cig products may contain nicotine, THC, or other chemicals. The industry expands with a growing variety of products and flavors.

The market for vape and e-cig products continues to flourish as many choose this alternative to cigarettes. We have the solutions to the specific challenges of e-cig businesses.

Rechargeable E-Cigarettes
Disposable E-Cigarettes
E-Pipes & E-Cigars
E-Cig Pods & Cartridges
E-Liquid & E-Juice
Vape Tanks & Mods
Vape Pens
Pod Mods
Chargers & Batteries

Challenges of a Vape and E-Cig Business

High risk merchants are identified as businesses that are more likely to incur chargebacks and fraud. Vape and e-cig businesses are considered high risk due to regulations and reputation.

One of the largest concerns surrounding the e-cig industry is underage use. As the products become popular amongst adults, more minors are getting their hands on them. Verifying identification online can be challenging for online vape merchants.

The FDA sets a number of regulations for the sale of vaping products. Additionally, each state has different laws regarding vape product transactions. Banks must make sure their merchant clients are following all laws in order to continue providing for them. 


Revitpay stays up-to-date on compliance and regulations of the vape and e-cig industry. We ensure that your storefront stays compliant within your industry and in PCI.

Traditional banks don’t provide accounts for businesses with reputations. Businesses associated with nicotine or THC/CBD tend to have a bad rap. This is one of the largest reasons why your cape and e-cig business may have been denied a merchant account. 

Revitpay offers fast approvals with a high acceptance rate. Our specialization in high risk businesses is rooted in years of experience and knowledge.

The Top Merchant Account Choice for Vape & E-Cig Businesses

E-cig businesses need specialized help that will streamline their business operations. Here is some of what Revitpay offers merchants.

Bank Partners

Revitpay has more than two dozen compliant bank partners that specialize in providing high risk merchant accounts, and some specific to vape and e-cig companies. With us, there’s no need to hunt down a bank – we have that covered for you.

Chargeback Alerts

Fraud detection algorithms will notify merchants when a client files a dispute against them. These disputes become chargeback if they remain unsolved. The chargeback alerts will let you know a few days before a chargeback can be processed so that you can solve the issue with the customer.

Fraud Protection

We provide all of your fraud protection and prevention strategies, including complimentary fraud screenings. We do our best to reduce your chargeback rate to as low as 1% and continue to mitigate your business’s risk.

ACH & eCheck Processing

Provide your clients with additional payment options beyond credit cards. Revitpay offers ACH and eCheck processing, which offers lower interchange fees and security.

Recurring Payments Support

Providing clients with subscription services is easier than ever with Revitpay’s payment gateways. Offer a hands-free experience with a one-time process that secures your customers’ information without hassle.

We Have What You Need

Revitpay can get you fast approval for a merchant account, regardless of your risk level. Our tools and services keep up-to-date with industries so that we can keep your business at the top of its game.