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Developer Friendly
API Documentation

Developers love our gateways because of the clear documentation for RESTful implementations.

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Using WordPress makes it easy. Whether it's forms that accept payments or WooCommerce! Drop in a plugin and start charging!


Shopify lets you use other payment gateways other than their own! Get the best payment processing rates for your store through us!
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A solid e-commerce store needs solid payment processing. We support Magento and have the tools needed to get you integrated!


It's easy to integrate with BigCommerce and our payment solutions.


Using ZenCart? Awesome! We have instructions and the know-how to get you all setup!

Custom Solutions

Not using a platform or CRM listed? No problem! We still have documentation on how to integrate for your custom solution.

There is nothing worse than poorly documented solutions. Endpoints, data types, and responses are clearly documented so your developers do not have to guess, troubleshoot, nor expect the unexpected.

Saving Money On Development Costs

How does clear API documentation save you money? Developers need to know whether to send an integer, a string, a float, or other types of variables to get a proper response. Poorly documented solutions take more time to troubleshoot due to unexpected results.

API documentation is meant to show all the expected responses depending on the input. Allowing for complex formulas to be created without fear of having missed a “if this, then that” type of response which leads to an unhandled exception otherwise seen as a broken webpage.

The less time a developer has to decipher what works, and work alongside documentation, instead of against it is what saves hours and expenses.Challenges for API’s and API Documentations API documentation is a huge undertaking and must constantly be updated and reverse compatible with older versions to maintain stability.

As features are added and removed, everything must be reverse compatible to allow for uninterrupted service. Some of the best practices include versioning of the API, and notifying of deprecation of older API versions to give developers ample time to update any potential breaking changes.

There is nothing worse than having to work on an API and the documentation is down. Stables servers with redundancy allow for a high up-time that will keep the progress moving.

Proper formatting and providing examples of requests in multiple languages is difficult. It adds to the burden of maintaining up to date information and testing that examples are “copy-paste” ready to guarantee it all works. It helps if the UX is easy to understand and navigate through. Little things such as search features and a proper table of contents makes a world of a difference.

We Provide Integration Support

If you at any point in time have difficulty getting a connection working, we will be there to help.

New And/Or Existing Websites/Apps

When an API is easy to implement, and the solution saves you money, why not consider switching from your old processors to ours?

Full-Time Developers

Revitpay employs developers that work with API integrations on a daily basis and can assist troubleshooting when needed. When signing up, our agents come up with a roadmap of things needed to be done to have processing up and working.

Popular CRM's And Frameworks Integrate With

  • WordPress & WooCommerce

  • Shopify

  • Magento

  • ZenCart

  • BigCommerce

  • Custom Solutions

This list is not all encompassing. There are an unlimited number of possibilities of what we can integrate with because it’s all restful connections. 

RevitPay’s Banking Services represent a paradigm shift in financial management, ensuring businesses have the support and tools necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of commerce effectively.

Let us accelerate your payment processing journey today!

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