Fraud Prevention

We cover all corners to prevent fraud with our innovative tools. Using our technology, we keep your payment processing a step ahead of the threats.

  • Notifications for Incoming Disputes
  • Fraud Tracking
  • Chargeback Reduction
  • User-Friendly
  • Latest Protection Technologies
Fraud Prevention Merchant Services

Front-End Prevention

3D Secure maximizes security measures through a layer of extra verification. This stops fraudulent transactions before it starts.

Most basic 3D Secure tools are efficient but can cause loss of customers when they falsely block real transactions. Our 3D Secure keeps your transactions secure and accurately detects the appropriate transactions. These verification methods don’t hinder the process and let clients place their orders quickly.

  • Instant Authentication

  • No Impact on Account
  • More Approvals

  • Smooth Customer Experience

  • Fast Checkout

Protection from the Back-End

Alerts will let you know when a dispute against you is coming so you have time to respond. Representation helps you fight and win against disputes. Both of these tools combined take the stress out of handling your business finances.

A high chargeback rate can cause problems with merchant accounts. We accept and specialize in working with high-risk merchants that have a high probability of chargebacks. Our work reduces chargeback rates to as little as 1% or less.

  • Chargeback Alerts: When somebody files a dispute, whether it’s regarding fraud or not, the chargeback alert system will send you an early warning notification. This gives you some time to resolve the issue without it turning into a chargeback.
  • Chargeback Representments: Recover revenue and retain customers by using Revitpay’s dispute response methods.
  • Chargeback Order Insights: Gives card issuing bank customer service representatives additional information about the merchant to reduce the number of disputes and helps to preserve revenue.

Affiliate Fraud Defense

Affiliate marketing is an effective method for brands to promote their business. What’s frustrating is that there are fraudsters who undermine your work and steal through these methods. Affiliate fraud is at large, but we use our defenses to track merchants sending bad traffic and more.

Chargeback alerts, 3D Secure, and affiliate fraud defense make up our fraud protection guarantee.