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AdvancedFraud Prevention

State of the art fraud prevention & risk management that keeps chargebacks at a minimum.

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Fraud Prevention

RevitPay’s Fraud Prevention suite is a robust system designed to safeguard businesses against fraudulent activities such as bot attacks, stolen credit cards, and IP restrictions to ensure secure and reliable transactions.

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Our Fraud Prevention Tools Encompass:

Chargeback Monitoring

With automated tools and proactive mechanisms, we flag and manage chargebacks effectively. This includes identifying previous chargeback instances and providing detailed insights into card rejection messaging.

AVS and CVV Validation

Validate billing-related data, ensuring authenticity and preventing fraudulent sales by verifying specific cardholder information.

3D Secure Integration

Adding an extra layer of authentication helps minimize the possibility of chargebacks or fraudulent activities, enhancing transaction security.

IP Monitoring

Monitor user locations and detect high-risk areas, VPN or proxy usage, or suspicious activity to prevent potential fraudulent transactions.

Comprehensive Fraud Data Analysis

Our analytics tools offer insights into various fraud trends, highlighting dispute data, authorization details, decline statistics, and more, aiding in fraud prevention strategies.

RevitPay’s Fraud Prevention suite employs cutting-edge technology and proactive measures to ensure businesses operate securely and efficiently while mitigating potential risks and enhancing overall transaction safety.

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