Buy Now, Pay Later – Payment Processing

For merchants with higher ticket items, offering buy now pay later services increases sales and earns customers. Our options of BNPL services are perfect for any business with high-priced items and services.

Buy now pay later grants you the payment for the product before customers finish paying installments. After delivering the product, you no longer have to worry about the transaction.

Buy Now Pay Later Payment Processing

Buy Now Pay Later for eCommerce & Retail Store Fronts

You no longer have to be a giant superstore to have this option available to you. It’s an indispensable tool in your store especially if you have big ticket items that may have people second guessing whether they can afford that specific product at that moment. It’s also popular during holiday sales for when the sales are booming, and the customer appreciates the flexibility of spread out payments.

Buy Now Pay Later – Easy Set-Up

Buy now pay later is user-friendly and clear. Once we help set it up for you, BNPL options will appear at checkout for customers to see.

High-Value Businesses

Buy now pay later benefit merchants that sell high-ticket products and services. These industries work well with offering clients BNPL payment options. Using risk-free and trusted partners allows us to aid customers in gaining clients through BNPL.

Buy Now Pay Later with Revitpay

BNPL technology secures your transactions and pays you in full instantly. Our BNPL services have been used by Target and many other companies. With these, you can offer customers a different number of installments.

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