Tech Support Credit Card Processing & Merchant Services

Make the operations of your tech support business your main priority while Revitypay handles your payment services and processing. We specialize in various merchant accounts for high risk businesses such as tech support. Revitpay can support and secure online or in-store tech support businesses with personalized care.

Partners of Revitpay are optimized with:

  • Easy Approval Process
  • Interchange Optimization
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • API and HPP Integration
  • Chargebacks & Fraud Prevention
  • And More…
tech support credit card processing

Types of Tech Support Services

Tech support companies are accessible to individual clients and other companies that need technical services. They can find technical problems and fix them for the customer rather than telling the customer how to fix them on their own.

Although tech support companies are seen as companies with increased risk, the services they provide to individuals and companies in an increasingly tech-dependent society are crucial.

  • Network Issue Resolution
  • Malware Removal
  • Antivirus Software
  • Computer Repair
  • OS Troubleshooting
  • PC Optimization
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Email Support
  • Software Setup
  • Network Security
  • Server Maintenance

Challenges of a Tech Support Business

The main reason that tech support businesses are considered high risk is that they are mainly remote, the remote tools they use, and the solutions they provide to their customers are sometimes unseen without unadvanced technical knowledge.

Tech Support companies deal with high chargeback requests which places them in the category of high risk. Chargebacks happen because of a few main reasons:

  • Quality dissatisfaction – a disconnect between a tech support company’s offer and its result.
  • Friendly Fraud – this is when a customer misinforms their reasons for their chargeback and pretends to be dissatisfied with the service they received while aiming to keep their purchased service and get their money back.

Revitpay knows how damaging these risks can be to any business and specializes in easy to control, resolve, and prevent them.

Tech support businesses are usually only selling a service – a service that most customers don’t understand – and not a physical product, it is very easy to have a dissatisfied customer when they don’t understand the service they’ve paid for. Due to the non-physical nature of tech support, this business style has issues that are harder to fix than others which make unhappy customers who, more often than not, issue chargebacks.

Tech support businesses rely on their customer service skills and their technical service skills to balance this problem.

While tech support businesses have some bad press because of their risk level there are also advantages to being a higher-risk business.

 Businesses deemed as high risk need risk specialist merchant accounts and there are several advantages to them. High-risk merchants have the option to accept more payment types than other merchants and they have fewer limitations.

Because of this your tech support business can offer a wider range of services, work internationally, support recurring payments, and process a higher sales volume.

The Best Merchant Account for Tech Support, MSP’s & IT Support Businesses

Tech support businesses need specialized help that will streamline their business operations. Here is some of what Revitpay offers merchants.

Bank Partners

Revitpay has more than two dozen compliant bank partners that specialize in providing high risk merchant accounts, and some specific to tech support businesses. With us, there’s no need to hunt down a bank – we have that covered for you.

Chargeback Alerts

Fraud detection algorithms will notify merchants when a client files a dispute against them. These disputes become chargeback if they remain unsolved. The chargeback alerts will let you know a few days before a chargeback can be processed so that you can solve the issue with the customer.

Fraud Protection

We provide all of your fraud protection and prevention strategies, including complimentary fraud screenings. We do our best to reduce your chargeback rate to as low as 1% and continue to mitigate your business’s risk.

ACH & eCheck Processing

Provide your clients with additional payment options beyond credit cards. Revitpay offers ACH and eCheck processing, which offers lower interchange fees and security.

Recurring Payments Support

Providing clients with subscription services is easier than ever with Revitpay’s payment gateways. Offer a hands-free experience with a one-time process that secures your customers’ information without hassle.

We Have What You Need

Revitpay offers all of the classic advantages of a tech support merchant account and more because of our specialization with higher-risk businesses.