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Hotel & Hospitality Merchant Services

The hotel and hospitality business sector is a relatively low-risk industry but it still has its own challenges as any business would. Though larger chain hotels have already overcome these issues smaller, more independent, hotels have not. Partnering with a payment and service provider such as Revitpay is a smart and secure way to ensure your business’s growth.

Partners of Revitpay are optimized with:

  • Acceptance of All Major Credit Cards
  • CVV & Address Verification
  • EMV Chip, NFC, MSR, and PIN Debit Processing

  • Chargeback Monitoring & Prevention
  • CRM / Management Software Integration
  • Authorizing & Holding Cards
  • And More…

Types of Hotel and Hospitality Businesses

This industry comes with a wide variety of venues that Revitpay can support.

Inns & B&Bs

Mid-Range and Business Hotels

High-End Luxury Hotels

Boutique Hotels

Family Hotels and Resorts

Challenges of the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Although the hotel and hospitality business is a low-risk level industry it is not without its own problems.

The main issues hotels face with payment processing rules is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which consists of 12 specific steps for all merchants who process, store, or transmit cardholder data or authentication data.

For many independent hoteliers, these 12 steps are quite difficult to meet. Working with a payment provider such as Revitpay makes sure to meet all of these requirements taking pressure away from hoteliers allowing them to focus more on their day to day issues.

In today’s increasingly online and connected society, many customers have high expectations for seamless interactions in businesses. More than half of hotel guests desire online and mobile payment options at hotels, only a quarter of hotels provide them. Hospitality venues with more ease of access of payment options outperform those without these means.

Although technology is more present in almost every business today, many hotel and hospitality authorization processes are completed via tax or over email. Manually recording credit card numbers greatly increases the chance of fraud and subsequent chargebacks.

This problem is more complicated for smaller, more independent hotels that have to deal with manually solving payment discrepancies. This can take a lot of time that can be better used by focusing on their guests or the upkeep of the venue. Partnering with a payment provider such as Revitpay can solve each of these problems with fraud prevention, chargeback mitigation, and payment integrations for issues such as reconciliations. 

Merchant Accounts Approved Now

Accepting credit cards should be simple and worry-free. We ease your fraud, chargeback, and compliance concerns so that you can let your business run itself. Our services tailor to the experience you want to give your customers.

We take you beyond accepting credit cards and facilitate all of your payment needs including payment gateways and fraud reduction tools.

A simple application grants you access to two dozen merchant banks, and a personalized assessment for the tools that’ll best suit your business.

Reliable, experienced, and thorough, our staff is ready to answer your every question at a moment’s notice.

Easy add-ons, API integrations, and speedy terminal setups get you set to start accepting payments right away.

We Have What You Need

Revitpay can get you fast approval for a merchant account, regardless of your risk level. Our tools and services keep up-to-date with industries so that we can keep your business at the top of its game.

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