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Jet Charter Payment Processing

The jet charter industry is projected to grow exponentially in the near future. Due to more profits being made by corporate and household incomes, the demand for luxury services is soaring. Focus on building and maintaining your jet charter business while Revitypay supports and secures your transactions and various payment issues.

Revitpay partners are supported by:

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Chargeback Mitigation & Prevention
  • Encrypted & Easy-To-Use Online Merchant Processing Gateways

  • Fraud Prevention
  • EMV, NFC, PIN, & MSR Processing
  • ACH Payment Processing
  • And More… Your Jet Charter Merchant Account Approved Now

Accepting credit cards should be simple and worry-free. We ease your fraud, chargeback, and compliance concerns so that you can let your business run itself. Our services tailor to the experience you want to give your customers.

We take you beyond accepting credit cards and facilitate all of your payment needs including payment gateways and fraud reduction tools.

A simple application grants you access to two dozen merchant banks, and a personalized assessment for the tools that’ll best suit your business.

Reliable, experienced, and thorough, our staff is ready to answer your every question at a moment’s notice.

Easy add-ons, API integrations, and speedy terminal setups get you set to start accepting payments right away.

Challenges of a Jet Charter Business

Although the jet charter industry has been present for decades most businesses struggle to access the payments system. Banks, financial institutions, and processors avoid the jet charter industry because it is exposed to many risks. The few institutions that do offer merchant accounts for jet charters set monthly transaction limits – something no business wants if it plans to grow and be profitable. Besides this, the jet charter industry is also faced with several other issues listed below.

The jet charter industry is full of high rates of payment fraud and chargebacks. Due to the time-sensitive nature of flights and the high-value transactions of services in the jet charter industry, the risk for these businesses is high compared to many others.

In the jet charter industry, most flight bookings are made online or over the phone using CNP transactions. Compared to in-person transactions CNP payments experience a higher rate of fraud which compounds the jet charter business’s risk. Revitpay specializes in payment processes meaning its handling of CNP payments is second to none while also providing various other forms of payments for your customers to use.

Due to jet charters being a high-value service, one where a single transaction can be worth thousands of dollars, it is a business more prone to buyer’s remorse. This leads to higher rates of friendly fraud and chargebacks.

Even though the jet charter industry is a luxury and quite lucrative, it is very expensive to run. Because of these large operating costs, jet charter companies are met with a far greater risk of bankruptcy. Most banks and financial institutes stay away from jet charter businesses because of their fear of paying chargebacks if a business declares bankruptcy.

There are several reasons why people cancel their flights from last-minute changes to unexpected events. Because of the unforeseen, and usually late, nature of these cancellations they happen after an allowable period meaning this usually results in no or partial refund. This also causes customers to file for chargebacks to receive their money. Revitpay has several plans to mitigate and prevent chargebacks of this nature to protect your business’s profits.

Our Credit Card Processing Features

As your credit card processor, we give a multifaceted experience by providing versatile ways to make the most out of your business. We cover the back-end of things and provide exceptional front-end service to free you up your hands.

Reduce Credit Card Interchange Fees

Chargeback Alerts & Insights

Integration Support

Detailed Transaction Tracking

We Have What You Need

Revitpay can get you fast approval for a merchant account, regardless of your risk level. Our tools and services keep up-to-date with industries so that we can keep your business at the top of its game.

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