Ecommerce has always been a place for a multitude of unique businesses to thrive when they couldn’t in person. But the accelerated integration of eCommerce into each potential facet of our needs has created a plethora of competition. Breaking in and even maintaining your presence in such an aggressive industry has become an incredibly daunting task to conquer.

Customer retention is a reliable way to ensure your business never stagnates in such a combative landscape. You can nurture continual support and engagement from your customers by implementing any of the following methods and strategies.


Keeping a consistent and reliable dialogue between you and your customers is a priority. By running persistent blurbs promoting new deals or offers, you create a familiar and more personable experience to make your customers feel at home.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Implementing a rewards program is another proven method of maintaining customer engagement, there is a variety you can choose from…

  • Tier-based programs: Difficult to implement but rewarding for your clients, this system offers customers rewards incrementally increasing in value based on a multiple-level system. The more they spend on your business, the higher they reach, and the better their rewards.
  • Spending-Based Programs: By monitoring customer transactions, you can track when customers surpass a certain threshold of store purchases. Once they exceed that set amount, customers can redeem a variety of rewards.
  • Point-based programs: Points are awarded to your customers per transaction, which can be used to purchase several products ranging from t-shirts, or stickers, to special discounts or even cash.

Email Marketing

With the broad crowded landscape of eCommerce, the most effective way to stay relevant is by putting reminders in front of your customer’s faces. Sending month-to-month email blasts re-outlining your business as well as offering special deals or discounts will grab your customer’s attention and make them feel noticed.

Robust Customer Service

Creating a dependable and consistent team for your customers to rely on establishes a great bond. Offering an inviting space for your customers to work out any issues they have will make them always feel welcome and well-acquainted with your business.

Subscription Method

By offering the capability to sustain a month-to-month commitment with your audience, subscription models have become a great method for maintaining customer retention. Supplying special offers and deals for just a small amount a month will make your customers feel needed and useful.

Upsell and Cross-sell

You’re probably familiar with these methods. Upselling is charging more for an upgraded product from your original offer, and cross-selling is enticing customers to buy more products than they originally intended.

These can be easily implemented into your website immediately. By either, offering special deals or discounts on your website, pop-ups for discount codes, or even adding a section for recommended items; any incentive you can offer your customers will be effective.

To fully accelerate your customer retention, strategic implementation of any of these six methods will offer incredibly successful results. Assess what your business distinctively needs and integrate the options that support the framework for your business.