Dating Website & Dating App Payment Processing

Dating sites are a medium risk industry with unique needs that only knowledgeable payment providers can meet. Starting and sustaining a dating site business is only possible with the experience and guidance from trusted payment providers like Revitpay.

Revitpay’s dating site merchant partners are supplied with:

  • Fraud & Chargeback Mitigation
  • Various Payment Processing Options
  • Specialized Bank Relationships
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • Rapid Approval Times
  • And More…
dating website payment processing

Types of Dating Sites

Dating businesses have various ways of starting romantic relationships between people through the use of the internet.

  • Online Dating Websites

  • Relationship Websites

  • Specific Niche Dating Sites

  • Meetups

  • Phone Apps

  • Social Media Groups

Challenges of Dating Site Businesses

Medium risk businesses usually share several issues that affect account providers but dating site businesses have several of their own unique challenges that increase their risks for banks.

Businesses that do not adhere to local and federal compliance negatively affect themselves and their merchant account providers. There is specific compliance for dating sites that vary according to what region or state they are used in. Most banks don’t have the understanding of dating sites businesses to be certain their partnered business is following all of the regulations.

Revitpay specializes in helping specific high, medium, and low-risk industries including dating sites adhere to these payment regulations so businesses can operate without concerns.

All public businesses, especially those with a focus on relationships come with a reputation. Most banks choose not to partner with medium risk, adult affiliated, businesses because of their public image.

Also, Dating site businesses are faced with several issues such as age restrictions, fluctuating regulations, and increased rates of chargebacks which make them unpredictable.

Revitpay understands these issues and how to combat existing problems, and prevent more in the future.

All Dating sites have an age requirement according to local and federal laws. Although these age restrictions can be routed making it difficult to tell if the someone is actually a legal adult.

Due to the nature of online service providers, dating site businesses have a higher rate of chargebacks compared to other businesses. Chargebacks happen because of things such as fraudulent purchases or, more commonly, friendly fraud.

Friendly fraud is usually the result of the subscription-type business model dating sites use. A user might purchase a subscription from a dating site and be unsatisfied with the people they talk to, resulting in them canceling their payment.

Revitpay’s specialization with higher-risk industries allows us to offer your dating site business various payment processing solutions that are designed to mitigate chargebacks and friendly fraud while allowing you to focus on perfecting your business for your customers.

The Best Merchant Account for Dating Websites & Apps

Dating websites need specialized help that will streamline their business operations. Here is some of what Revitpay offers merchants.

Bank Partners

Revitpay has more than two dozen compliant bank partners that specialize in providing high risk merchant accounts, and some specific to dating website businesses. With us, there’s no need to hunt down a bank – we have that covered for you.

Chargeback Alerts

Fraud detection algorithms will notify merchants when a client files a dispute against them. These disputes become chargeback if they remain unsolved. The chargeback alerts will let you know a few days before a chargeback can be processed so that you can solve the issue with the customer.

Fraud Protection

We provide all of your fraud protection and prevention strategies, including complimentary fraud screenings. We do our best to reduce your chargeback rate to as low as 1% and continue to mitigate your business’s risk.

ACH & eCheck Processing

Provide your clients with additional payment options beyond credit cards. Revitpay offers ACH and eCheck processing, which offers lower interchange fees and security.

Recurring Payments Support

Providing clients with subscription services is easier than ever with Revitpay’s payment gateways. Offer a hands-free experience with a one-time process that secures your customers’ information without hassle.

We Have What You Need

Revitpay can get you fast approval for a merchant account, regardless of your risk level. Our tools and services keep up-to-date with industries so that we can keep your business at the top of its game.