A retail storefront offers exposure that eCommerce can not provide. However, creating an online presence for your business has never been easier. Companies can interact with consumers through multiple media channels.

How You Can Maximize Engagement

Just like in-person marketing, maximizing online engagement starts with identifying your audience. Then, it takes trial and error to find which methods best convert and retain customers.

  • You and your team can use a few specific questions to start an engagement plan.
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are their needs?
  • Where are they the most active?

Each demographic audience interacts with media in its own ways. Your audience may be more likely to see a TV ad rather than a social media post.

Where Customer Engagement Happens

Customer Service

Customer service that goes above and beyond builds trust with consumers. Investing in your customer service team and tools will give you an ample return.

More than anything, consumers want to be heard. Being available for communication in a timely manner can ease customer issues. Additionally, upping your customer service tactics will reduce your chargeback rate.

Businesses that give exceptional service are remembered by their clients. Talking to a live representative is where face-to-face communication happens between the merchant and customers, even from a screen.

Social Media

Social media marketing has become a crucial pillar in customer engagement. Online platforms can offer two-way communication and interactive experiences.

Determining your audience and their needs will set a clear path on how to set up your media presence. A business’s social media presence includes all public accounts and content that is posted online.

Advertisements across popular media channels can bring customers to a business’s profile. From there, they have a simple overview of what the company is about and how it can solve a viewer’s issues.


Customers and subscribers can sign up for a business’s promotional emails. Although many of these end up in junk, creating succinct emails can catch recipients’ attention.

Announcing sales and deals right in the subject line will let readers know exactly what’s happening without opening the emails. Your business shows up in your audience’s day-to-day life in this way.

Cookie and pixel marketing can also be used on top of email marketing to further enhance the customer experience.