Credit Card Processing Support for All Industries

We believe all businesses — big or small — deserve easier, smarter and better processing.

We work with all industries to make payment processing possible. There are certain hurdles for particular industries, but we’re accustomed to tackling and overcoming them to get the solution your business requires.

Revitpay’s merchant partners enjoy:

  • Fraud & Chargeback Mitigation
  • PCI & Website Compliance
  • Payment Processing Options
  • Integration Support
  • Fast Approvals
  • And More…
Group Working in Different Industries

Note About Businesses Not Listed Here

It is virtually impossible to list every single industry we work with and support, we list the most common industries that have a hard time getting payment processing. We work with all industries, so if yours isn’t listed here, reach out to us, and we will get started on your payment processing!

Low Risk Industries

  • eCommerce

  • Food Service

  • Hotel & Hospitality

  • Retail

  • Business to Business

We Have What You Need

Revitpay can get you fast approval for a merchant account, regardless of your risk level. Our tools and services keep up-to-date with industries so that we can keep your business at the top of its game.