ISO (Independent Sales Organization) agents give merchants individualized services for an easy payment processing experience. They also provide other merchant services solutions, such as payment gateways and chargeback mitigation.

Why Do Merchants Use ISO Agents?

ISO agents have multiple connections and partnerships with payment processors, banks, and more. They are able to offer customized assistance to businesses. Additionally, it takes the pressure off the merchants when it comes to finding compatible and appropriate merchant services.

Businesses and ISOs have long-term relationships. Merchants can rely on agents to update and maintain payment processing systems.

ISOs and High Risk Merchants

High risk merchants have limited options in payment processing and banks. Standard institutions don’t provide for high risk businesses for a variety of reasons. A company might have an undesirable reputation, be in a high risk industry, or be new.

Specialized ISOs have relationships with merchant services that handle high risk businesses or cater to a specific industry. Revitpay is an example of a high risk merchant services provider that ISO agents can refer businesses to.

Businesses can save time and money working with an ISO, especially if they’re high risk. Agents can find the best rates and products in a timely manner, saving merchants the search.

Products ISOs Sell

ISOs sell merchant services for both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce stores.

  • POS (Point of Sale) System Software
  • Mobile Terminals
  • Registers
  • Payment Gateways
  • Payment Processing
  • Merchant Accounts
  • PCI-Compliant Software
  • Security Measures

Online storefronts benefit from agents’ knowledge of software when it comes to credit card payment processing, preventing fraud, and staying PCI-compliant.

How is Working with an ISO Different from a Payment Processor like Revitpay?

ISOs are the buffers between businesses and payment processors. They are the middlemen that refer and sell the products and services of providers like Revitpay.

Revitpay processes payments, while ISOs work with us on behalf of their clients. They don’t hold merchant accounts nor do they process payments.

What to Look for in an ISO

A great ISO has agents who are honest and helpful. Like any other service provider, businesses want to work with ISOs that have their best interest in mind. This looks like covering all bases, such as PCI-compliance. In addition, they should be up-front about the costs and fees to work with them, as well as contractual agreements.

How ISOs Partner with Revitpay

ISO agents are also known as referral partners. Revitpay connects with these individuals or companies and provides the services that they can sell to customers. The ISO program allows agents to create applications for merchants for a more streamlined experience.

Revitpay’s referral partners also have access to their own CRM portal along with banking partners that specialize in high risk industries and businesses.