The credit repair industry is a multi-billion dollar market with a growing ecommerce presence. New credit repair businesses are able to get off and running easier than ever before. The profitability of the industry leads many small business owners to start a credit repair company.

Finding a merchant account for your credit repair business can be a challenge due to the industry’s high risk nature. Traditional financial institutions are wary of high risk industries such as credit repair. High risk merchant services are best for those seeking payment processing and banking for their credit repair business.

What is the Credit Repair Industry?

Your Content Goes HereCredit repair services aim to raise credit scores. This is done by removing negative reports and other factors that impact credit scores.

Credit repair services include: 

  • Cease and Desist Collections Processing 
  • Credit Re-Establishment 
  • Credit Repair Consultation 
  • Settlement Assistance

Credit repair companies work with clientele that may not be financially stable. This demographic, while they’re getting help, spikes the industry’s risk level.

Why is the Credit Repair Industry High Risk?

Merchant account providers consider some industries and businesses high risk due to a greater chance of chargebacks. Numerous factors can create a high chargeback rate for certain companies.

Industries that are new, controversial, or online are most likely high risk. Credit repair companies have more high risk factors than the average company. Credit repair merchants may have had a difficult time obtaining merchant services from traditional financial institutions.

High Ticket Services

High ticket products and services are more expensive than the average purchase. This can range from a hundred to thousands of dollars. 

Credit repair services can start at low prices. However, a higher range will include anything beyond a hundred dollars. 

Credit repair’s high ticket prices can result in more expensive chargebacks. Additionally, many credit repair businesses adopt a subscription-based model to operate. Companies that charge recurring payments risk a large chargeback in the case of clients disputing multiple charges.


Credit repair businesses serve those with poor or average credit. This can be evidence of dishonesty in finances. This clientele may not be able to fulfill the full cost of credit repair services.

Shifty clientele can be a red flag for banks and payment processors. These consumers may leave businesses with unpaid charges.

Credit Repair Merchant Account

Your credit repair business doesn’t need to be slowed down by unwilling banks and payment processors. Revitpay specializes in high risk industries such as credit repair to offer safe and secure merchant services. Contact us today to find out how we can assist in your business’s success.