Adult Industry Payment Processing

Adult content and merchandise is a high risk industry, but it comes with unique needs only experienced payment providers can fulfill. Getting off the ground as an adult business is challenging without the right guidance.

Revitpay’s Adult industry merchant partners enjoy:

  • Specialized Bank Relationships
  • Fraud & Chargeback Mitigation
  • PCI & Website Compliance
  • Payment Processing Options
  • Integration Support
  • Fast Approvals
  • And More…
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Types of Adult Businesses

Adult businesses include those selling adult-themed entertainment and products.

  • Pornography
  • Nudity and Stripping
  • Adult Games 
  • Sex Education 
  • Sex Toys 
  • Escort Services 
  • Phone Sex Operator
  • Online Dating Websites

Challenges of an Adult Content and Merchandise Business

High risk businesses are characterized by multiple factors that can affect account providers. Adult content and merchandise businesses have their own unique circumstances that make them high risk for banks.

A business that does not follow local compliance can negatively impact its merchant account provider. Adult content and services have their own set of compliance that vary across states and countries. Many banks don’t have the knowledge or experience to ensure that an adult industry merchant is complying with all regulations. Revitpay partners with banks that specialize in specific high risk industries, including adult content and services.

Businesses that offer services such as escorts can offend laws in all states except for Nevada. Brothels and prostitution are illegal across the U.S. with varying restrictions for online services.

A legal adult industry business still comes with a reputation. The majority of banks don’t attach themselves to businesses in industries like CBD and adult due to public image. Additionally, These industries have faced fluctuating regulations which make them unpredictable.

States have minimum legal age requirements for adult content, services, and merchandise. Behind the screen, it’s impossible to tell if the person on the other side is a legal adult. Age requirements also apply to any performers working in a business.

Adult content websites attract more hackers than other businesses do. Hacking attempts include false ads and phishing links that infect a device or steal information. These false advertisements imitate dating websites or other content. Pop-ups with fake warnings emerge on adult websites as well.

Content users are more unlikely to report a hacking attempt. This leaves the merchant open to disputes and chargebacks.

The Top Merchant Account Choice for Adult Industry Businesses

Revitpay fully supports business in the adult content and merchandise industry. Our tools, experience, and partnerships make providing merchant accounts possible.

Bank Partners

Revitpay has more than two dozen compliant bank partners that specialize in providing high risk merchant accounts, and some specific to the adult industry. With us, there’s no need to hunt down a bank – we have that covered for you.

Chargeback Alerts

Fraud detection algorithms will notify merchants when a client files a dispute against them. These disputes become chargeback if they remain unsolved. The chargeback alerts will let you know a few days before a chargeback can be processed so that you can solve the issue with the customer.

Fraud Protection

We provide all of your fraud protection and prevention strategies, including complimentary fraud screenings. We do our best to reduce your chargeback rate to as low as 1% and continue to mitigate your business’s risk.

ACH & eCheck Processing

Provide your clients with additional payment options beyond credit cards. Revitpay offers ACH and eCheck processing, which offers lower interchange fees and security.

Recurring Payments Support

Providing clients with subscription services is easier than ever with Revitpay’s payment gateways. Offer a hands-free experience with a one-time process that secures your customers’ information without hassle.

We Have What You Need

Revitpay can get you fast approval for a merchant account, regardless of your risk level. Our tools and services keep up-to-date with industries so that we can keep your business at the top of its game.